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Man I had such a cheesy grin on my face for this!! Loved the art style and outlines too :)

This was the TRUE spiritual death of Mike.

This is ridiculous and wacky and I love that! Great coloring and animation with really well-timed slapstick as well :)

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Ahhh sweet I'm glad you dig it :) thank you!

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I enjoyed the gameplay enough but I can't say I'd want to play it for an extended amount of time in its current state. I love the concept though! I feel like if the music and sounds were improved overall it would make the overall experience much more rewarding.

Susan's dialogue didn't really do much to create tension for me personally, but the gaping black screen you get after running out of tries on a hole tickled me every time.

I like this concept and I like your style, man! Keep working hard :D

Really enjoyed getting lost in this little world for a while.

Really great sense of humor. The gameplay was a little ehhh but the dialogue itself more than made up for it.

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Yooo sick man! This was a very cool listen, I hope you're doing well after all these years

This has been one of my favorite late night songs for years. Every time I get a new phone one of the first things I do is come and download this track. Thank you.

spikel responds:

Wow thank you!

I definitely took in the bright starry night atmosphere of this track! It was sweet.

I can tell by your description you know the issues with track.. it's a bit repetitious.

I enjoyed the climax and the ending was satisfying, too!

I'm glad I heard this song :)

wilidacious responds:

Ah, thanks for the input!

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Your interpretation of Luigi is honestly my favorite of any artist!

This is excellence.

There's a definite personality here :) best of luck

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