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2016-04-17 18:59:10 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

Why do I always feel the need to post a new status everytime I log onto this site again lol





2015-12-28 00:40:06 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

hello I have a new laptop now

also I'm ranked in the Top 15 Smash4 players in Louisiana now


I think it's time I started playing around on this website again




Speaking of which Gone Girl is really good


also I'm ranked in the top 50 best Smash players in Louisiana so that's neat.


Lone Survivor is an incredibly good game and I recommend you play


aaand I'm still not crazy so that's good.

Maaaaann these trade-offs

2015-03-07 03:05:48 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

I ranked up in my B/S to a snazzy new badge, but I lost whistle power (for some strange reason...?).

How should I feel right now?

@DeftonesFan665 you're all about these stats comfort me.



ughhhh, why do I care.





(related I think)


2015-02-19 14:29:42 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

Hey, NG. I miss yew. 

Always stuff been happening in life, and it was nice to just set aside some time to return to my favorite website. I've dived head-first into competitive Smash Bros, mainly Smash4. Sometimes P:M. If you want, I have a WiiU and a 3DS. Shoot me your info and we can play.



Ever since school started I've just been so friggin' busy it's not even funny.


If anyone cares, I won't be around for a while.


til next time.

Happy Robot Day

2014-07-17 23:37:29 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

LOOK! OUR SONG WAS FRONTPAGED!!!! LOOK!3856063_140571340611_DW.png

Listen to Robotologic HERE!

Yeah, so I'm posting this tonight because I probably won't be around tomorrow DEAL WIT' IT, but yeah. Me and Amaranthus made a song, and HOPEFULLY remembers to upload that shit.


Anyway, I hope everyone has a spectacular time celebrating the impending doom robots will present to humanity in the near future.





2014-07-06 01:28:24 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

3856063_140462447433_image.jpg-Tuff Day

 The perfect NG policeman playset. Now on sale for only $you're under arrest for attempting to buy my equipment!




2014-06-23 11:50:14 by JimmyTheCaterpillar

What's the haps, Paulie?

No, no, no, no... It's been too long! Whatchyoo been doin' with yoself??


Smooth as shit, Paulie. As always.